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B. K. N. Govt. Polytechnic, Narnaul

Responsible Officers / Officials: Canteen


Sr. No.

Name of Staff with Designation Photo & Mobile No




Sh. Naresh Sharma Lecturer

Work-Shop Supdt.

Mobile: 9416381419

Officer In-Charge (Canteen)

  1. Responsible for allotment of Canteen Contract to eligible individual / firm as per Govt. procedure.
  2. Co-ordinate with Canteen Contractor to execute work as per the terms & conditions of the contract.
  3. Responsible for maintaining Good Quality of Food items in Canteen for students and staff.


Sh. Sikander Singh

Work-Shop Instructor

Mobile: 9466295000

In-Charge (Canteen)

  1. In-Charge of Furniture items and all other items provided by Institute to contractor.
  2. To Assist Officer In-Charge (Canteen) in all responsibilities.


Canteen Facility for Students & Staff

  • The Institute has canteen facility for the students as well as teaching and non teaching staff. It is capable of catering the demands of the students and can accommodate 70 persons at a time. It has spacious & properly maintained one big hall for students, one separate room for staff, a large open area and big kitchen for cooking foods.
  • Canteen is one of the important parts of student life where you can find most of students chatting and gossiping on different topics. It plays a vital role in removing tensions and refreshing students.
  • Generally, the Institute allots it to any individual or firm on contract basis after calling quotation through news paper and proper official formalities as per Govt. rule / procedure / guidelines. The Canteen also caters to the functions organized in the Institute like Athletic meet, Games, Cultural activities and conferences.