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B. K. N. Govt. Polytechnic, Narnaul

Responsible Officers / OfficialsStaff Colony


Sr. No.

Name of Staff with Designation Photo & Mobile No




Sh. Amit Gupta Lecturer


Mobile: 9468285749

Officer In-Charge(Buildings)

  1. Responsible for Repairing and maintenance of Staff residences from PWD (B & R, Public Health)


Sh. Naresh Kumar

Junior Librarian

Mobile: 9466038078

Care Taker

  1. Responsible for handover / takeover the charge of Residences to / from concerned staff member as per allotment / vacation orders of the competent authority.
  2. Responsible to caring of vacant residences in the staff Colony.


Residences for Faculties & Staff Members

ResidencesThere are 57 residences for faculties and staff members in the colony of Institute Campus. The maximum faculties and staff members of the Institute live on campus residences, from where it is easy to perform their duties and other activities after duties timing. The Staff Colony has contributed to the emergence as a leading institute. The comfortable and serene surroundings support an enjoyable and enriching life style.

The Details of Residence in the Campus is under:

Sr. No. Type of Residence Construction Area Quantity
1 Principal Residence 1882 Square Feet 01
2 A – Type 1220 Square Feet 22
3 B – Type 770 Square Feet 06
4 C – Type 600 Square Feet 10
5 D – Type 440 Square Feet 06
6 D – Type 440 Square Feet 06
    Total 57